SEAOA Membership

To join or renew you membership please follow the instructions below.

Joining the SEAOA

Membership is biennial and fees were amended at the 2016 AGM and are subject to amendment at AGM. Any changes will initially be published as a “News Item”.

£25.00 for two years first payable in September 2017 and subsequent odd years.

£30.00 if you also require the IAAF Rule Book, to be ordered at renewal.

Membership includes free attendance at two annual conferences (Non–Members pay a nominal fee), access to members only area, quarterly newsletter, and UKA Rule Book, published every two years.

The best and easiest way to join or renew your membership is to pay online using one of the two buttons below.

£25.00 Standard Membership

£30.00 Standard Plus IAAF Rule Book

For those who do not like making online payments see below.

If you wish to pay by cheque or BACS (bank transfer) simply submit the form below. We will reply to you with either bank details or address for postage of cheque.

The Membership Secretary is Paul Kirkpatrick. If you wish to send him a message simply add it to the message box below.


Members personal data held by the Association includes name, postal address, any ‘phone numbers and email address. This data is stored electronically and is only used to enable the efficient running of the Association, including organising of Conference, and distributing Rule books and newsletters.

This data will not be disclosed to either other members, any outside body or used for any commercial purpose. Should you leave SEAOA your personal data will be deleted after 2 years your membership expires, or as agreed by yourself.