2018 UKA Rule Book

2018 UKA Rule Book - New Rules

Rule 01.04 Lacing of footwear.

a) Material - Laces should be of a neutral colour, and must be flat - round laces are not allowed in the competition area, but may be worn during warm up for field events, subject to lead official's agreement. Ferrules must be of a contrasting colour to the lace and limited to a maximum length of 25.4mm. Both left and right laces should be of the same colour unless left and right shoes are of a different colour, in which case the left lace should match the right shoe and vice versa. For bi-colour lacing, the lighter colour should exit the final eyelet on the outside of the shoe.

b) Lacing Method - Straight Lacing, either "European", "Bar" or "Easy", is not allowed. CIA Lacing can be used at open Meetings, but Bow-Tie Lacing can only be used by Windsor, Slough Eton and Hounslow AC, but only using black laces.  Neither Loop-Back nor Double-Back Lacing are allowed at County Cross Country Championships. Lightning Lacing can be used by athletes when rushing between High Jump, Sprints and Jumping for length. Athletes wearing Hash Lacing should be subject to a random Drugs Test.

c) Lace Length - Before the knot is tied, but after the laces have been tightened, the free length of the lace should equal the length of the wearer's foot, measured from the big toe to the back of the heel on the same foot.

Note: 2016 edition allowed measurement to the other foot.

d) Advertising - Advertising is allowed on laces subject to a maximum font size of 12 point, but only using Gill Sans font.