Renewals, Log-ins and Passwords

Renewal time (1st September) is now a over month ago and at least 135 of you have renewed.  If you have yet to renew, please use either the links on the Membership page, or the contact form on that page.

£25 for two years, with UKA rule book, and £30 if you would wish an IAAF Rule book too!

As members renew, I will give them access to the Member's Area.

Please note, that log-ins held for the previous web site were lost with the update.  Membership Secretary will give new log-ins as members renew for 2017-19.

Peter Crawshaw has penned a note on password changing for the updated site, which you might find useful.

To change your password to something personal / memorable:

  • Move the mouse so that the cursor is “hovering” in the top right corner of the screen, above when it says “Hi, [Your Name]”, then click on “Edit my profile”;
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the next screen to “New password” in the Account Management section;
  • Click on “Generate password”: a new “Strong” password will appear, a random combination of letters, numbers and other characters. If you decide that you would prefer (your choice) to use a personal password that you can remember, delete those characters and then type in what you wish to use, but it is obviously best to use a combination that is still “Strong” (the screen will tell you). Having entered that (and noted it either in your head or somewhere secure), click against “Confirm password” and then on “Update profile”
  • When you are next logged out, you will need to use the new password to log back in. If you forget that, you can still generate a new password from the login screen, but that will again be a “Strong” random combination of letters, numbers and other characters and you may need to make a note of it until such time as you have changed it again to something personal / memorable.